About me

     Hi! My name is Anca Stan, I am 20 years old, I'm studying Graphic Design and Fine Art at University of Chester.
   In my free time I do sports, read, draw, or go with my friends in town to sing at karaoke or go to youth activities.
   I like to get involved in all kinds of school projects, even volunteering. These activities help me to have another perspective in life, to improve my social skills(teamwork, ability to communicate effectively and sense of organization). They help me to gain experience and make new friends. I like being different front the others. I want to go ahead with arts, at a graphic design college, because I was able to capitalize my drawings from the first year of high school and I love what I do. My weaknesses are that I am a perfectionist, sometimes that hurts me. I am a flexible person and honest, If I start to accomplish a task, I do not give up until I finish my promise.
 ...and this is me! :D

    CONTACT : ancastanalexa@yahoo.com